Sears: $50 CVS Gift Card is NOT WORKING for Rebate!

A few days ago, I wrote excitedly about the Sears “Spend $50 ~ Get $50 Back” promotion going on right now.  I even recommended to you that by purchasing your Sears Card through CVS (for only $40 after ECB’s) – you would be saving $10 and making the deal that much better.  Well, we’ve had a few emails from frustrated readers who found out too late that purchases made with Gift Cards will not qualify for this rebate!

I think this is pretty ridiculous, considering the promotion’s wording only excludes combining it with any other coupon/promo.  To me that makes no reference to your form of payment.  (SIGH….)  If you have done this based on my recommendation, let me apologize wholeheartedly for not realizing the extra exclusion!

If you already bought the Sears clothes – you may want to return them.  If you now have an unwanted $50 Gift Card from CVS, remember that you can also spend it at Kmart & Lands End (Okay, I know, small comfort!)  But if you are really unsatisfied with the this restriction, and think it unfair – you are welcome to call 1-800-479-8241 and speak to Sears Customer Service.  Perhaps they would be willing to make an exception?


  1. Michelle says

    Addendum to previous comment.

    I remember now since reading back in the “” part of what I said that the two ways to get your rebate are by a “Sears gift card” or a “Sears Prepaid Mastercard”…so if they’re saying the only way to receive the rebate is by coupon, why did the website give me only those options to receive my rebate? The whole thing sounds too fishy to me. We never shop at Sears and only did this for the rebate. I see why now. All of their documents talk in circles.

  2. Michelle says

    Let me say this: NO WHERE on the rebate form I picked up at Sears states that the offer is not valid if you pay with a gift card. NO WHERE on the website does it say that you may not pay with a gift card. I was able to submit a rebate online. I don’t know if it will be approved or not but so far, so good.

    If you’re talking about the red outlined box that’s on the rebate website stating “Note: The Father’s Day Apparel Rebate offer (H100100) rules only allow for a $50 Come Back Cash Coupon. Sears Gift Cards and Sears Prepaid Cards are not eligible reward types for this offer.” I believe this is saying that you may not PURCHASE a GIFT CARD as a qualifier for the rebate, you have to actually buy clothes. I bought clothes, granted with a gift card, but clothes were on the receipt. I will dispute Sears if they choose not to honor my rebate because NO WHERE on anything I’ve read does it say that you could NOT use a gift card to make the purchase.

  3. Lisa Simpkins says

    The $50 gift card with the $10 ECB is still a very good deal. And who can’t find SOMETHING to buy at Sears. They sell everything from underwear to car tires. Don’t fret. Even though the deal isn’t as sweet as it may have seemed at first, it’s still a good deal. :)

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