Sears $50 Cashback Deal!

This deal came around last year – and it’s a great way to get your man some new clothes (or even just replenish his “tightey-whitey” supply) while getting a heck of a bargain!  Here’s the scoop:

  • First, go to Ebates & type “Sears” in the search bar.  Follow their link.  This will get you 4% Cashback  -  an easy $2 in your pocket!
  • Shop around & Pick out $50 worth of Men’s Apparel (Clothes, underwear, outerwear, etc..)
  • If you buy $75 worth, you’ll get *FREE SHIPPING*
  • Check out & then fill out the online rebate form HERE
  • You’ll get $50 in Sears Come-Back-Cash to use on Men’s apparel later!

If you’d rather do this deal in the store – here’s an awesome little twist:

UPDATE: Jamie wrote in to warn us that this DID NOT work for her! She wasn’t able to get the rebate when using this giftcard! Thank you Jamie!!

CVS is running an ECB deal this coming week (See highlights HERE) where buying a $50 Sears Gift card will earn you $10 in Extra Care Bucks.  In this case:

Buy $50 Sears Card ~ Get $10 ECB Back = Like paying $40

Buy $50 of Merchandise
Pay with $50 Gift Card (which only cost you $40 after ECB’s)
Get $50 in Sears Comeback Cash
(makes it $40  for  $100 of clothes!)

This deal does not exclude sale or clearance items – so you could come away with $$$$ worth of apparel if you’re a savvy shopper!


  1. Jamie says


    If the clothing is purchased using the gift card bought at CVS, it will NOT qualify for the 50.00 rebate by mail. I jumped through hoops today after trying to submit my receipt, talking to sales reps at the rebate center, etc. I ended up having to return my items, get the $$ back on a gift card, and repurchase via my credit card, and now I have a 50.00 gift card left over….not the steal I was hoping for.

    Please share this info to all you know this week so it doesn’t happen to them!!!

  2. Rose says

    Can I use Sears gift card (from CVS) to purchase the clothes online for this promotion and pick up clothes in the store (to save the shipping)?

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