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Time 2 Save, Time 2 Give Workshops

So you’ve never been to a workshop… you may already have the couponing thing down.  Why would you want to go to a workshop?  The first reason that comes to my head is – THEY’RE FUN!!!  We love bringing our stories of shopping, couponing, life and living to share with all of you – did I mention that the fun part is doing all these things with 5 kids ages 6 and under. Isn’t life grand?!  Another reason for attending a workshop is to learn the latest on couponing, truly understanding the different ways coupons can be used together for more savings, getting on the right page for store policies…whoops! That was more than one reason.

Putting all that aside, we want you to come because we want to meet YOU.  You’re the heart of what we do and why we do it.  We completely understand that no one wakes up and says “Yea! I can’t wait to cut out some coupons today!”  If you do think that, please don’t tell the rest of us :)  What we do say is how much we love hearing your story, seeing your triumph through struggles, being near to cry over your grief and rejoicing in your successes. 

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Chattanooga Parent: October 2009

Time 2 $ave is on Chattanooga Parent Fox 61

Want to cut your grocery bill by at least 50%? 
Now that had to get your attention.  Click HERE to watch our clip from Chattanooga Parent from your computer, or check out TV schedule below.
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Sound too good to be true?  Read HERE other testimonials of savings after attending a workshop.

Schedule for Chattanooga Parent
Monday 12:30pm (FOX), Tuesday 7:30am (MyNet), Wednesday 7:30am (FOX), Thursday 7:30am (MyNet) and 10:30pm (CW), Friday 1pm (CW), Saturday 9am (FOX), Sunday 12am (CW) and 9:30am (MyNet)

New Workshop – Cleveland, TN at the YMCA

Couponing Workshop just added.
Limited space.  Reserved seating for the first 50 who register.

Cleveland YMCA (open to members & the public)
Only 50 available spots!
220 Urbane Rd. NE
Cleveland, TN 37312
November 3rd (Tuesday) 6:00 pm – Couponing 101
November 4th (Wednesday) 6:00 pm – Couponing 102
November 11th (Wednesday) 6:00 pm – Couponing 103

**Wondering what a couponing workshop is all about?  Click HERE for a detailed description of what you will learn at each workshop and a complete listing of our upcoming schedule.**

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