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School Lunch Tip: Sandwiches Faces!!

Fun Sandwich Faces!

Jamie here, I’m a terrible morning person – I stumble out of bed wanting to hurt people and drink mass quantities of coffee – so I’d rather not be packing lunches at that point.  We mentioned before that you can make sandwiches for your kids’ lunches ahead of time, seal them up in ziploc bags, and stack them in the freezer.  The idea is – by the time the kids open their lunchboxes, everything is thawed & soft.  I tried this – making a week’s worth of sandwiches on Monday – and it worked great!

But as I stood there ready to load the stack of sandwiches into the freezer, I thought “OOO!  I’ll write a sweet note on each one!”  But then funny faces seemed more my kiddos’ style – who know me for being weird and silly, and not sugar-sweet.  I turned each sandwich into a charactert: Nerd, Pirate, Ninja, Cross-Eyed & Crazy, etc….  FUN!  I stacked them in the freezer and tossed a new one into their lunches each morning that week.

The kids loved them and their friends were duly impressed.  And each day after, as I kissed them goodbye in the morning – they puzzled aloud “I wonder what sandwich face I got today?!”  MOM SUCCESS!

Now your turn – How do you make your kids’ lunch “special”?


  1. Kim robbins says:

    What kind of sandwiches did you make?

  2. Love it! As i was reading the post my 2 boys (5 and 7) were standing over my shoulder going…i want a sandwich like that! WOOHOO thanks!

  3. Great idea and cute


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