SavingStar: TEN Food Lion eCoupons (Also Gold N Soft & Dean’s)

There are several  hot new Savingstar coupons available. Make sure to add them to your account before your next shopping trip.


$0.75/1 Gold ‘n Soft
$1/4 Comida Del Sol Single Serve Burritos

$1/2 Comida Del Sol Single Serve Bowls
$0.50/1 Krazy Glu
$2/1 Dean’s Heat ‘n Eat Dip

Food Lion Coupons to Load to your Shopper’s Companion Card:
$0.75/1 My Essentials Cereal

$0.40/1 My Essentials Ketchup
$0.25/1 My Essentials Bread or Buns
$0.40/1 My Essentials Jelly
$0.35/1 carton of My Essentials Eggs
$0.50/1 My Essentials Potato Chips
$0.50/1 My Essentials Frozen Fries
$0.40/1 My Essentials Pancake Mix
$0.50/1 My Essentials Pancake Syrup
$0.50/1 My Essentials Cookies

Not sure what SavingStar eCoupons are? Check out our post HERE!

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