SavingStar: High-Value Huggies Coupons & Much More

SavingStar just released a new batch of ecoupons.  Have you signed up yet?  If not, girlfriend or guyfriend you are missing out, as they are usually high value.  Not to mention, SavingStar Coupons are AWESOME instead of reducing your total at checkout – they accumulate until you hit the $5.  Then the discount amount of the coupons are paid to you in $5 payouts either in the form of an Amazon gift card, a PayPal deposit, or deposited to your bank.  They are pretty new to the coupon world so we’ve included a step by step tutorial HERE to get you started.
Did you miss the Pepsi SavingStar Coupon that Jamie posted earlier?  If so, jump on over before it’s too late.  There is also step by step instructions in case you are brand new to SavingStar.


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