Saving Money Tips: Eat at Home – The 10-Minute Trick

Saving Money Tips

Saving Money Tips

Several years ago, we ate out almost every meal.  After my family was faced with a job loss and multiple mortgages from spec homes not selling we had to make some changes. Otherwise, all the money I was saving on groceries would have been worthless.

I found that taking a couple of steps to prepare ahead of time, mealtime was much less daunting.  By cooking and freezing ground beef/turkey or chicken ahead of time you’ll cut down meal preparation time significantly.  I call it the The Ten Minute Trick – grab a zip-lock bag of precooked ground beef/turkey or chicken out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave for a minute to thaw then add to your favorite recipe.

Here’s how:  

Ground Beef or Ground Turkey

Place ground beef or turkey into tall stock pot, and break apart with spoon. Turn burner on low, set timer for 20 minutes. When timer beeps, stir ground beef, then set timer again. You will follow the same pattern for about an hour or until no longer pink.  Rinse and strain excess oil. Cool, and then divide into servings in zip lock freezer bags. Flatten zip lock to allow excess air to escape.  Place flat in freezer.

Meal Ideas – Spaghetti, Tacos, Mexican Spaghetti, Chili, Baked Ziti, Taco Soup, Various Casseroles


Grill – Grill multiple packages of boneless skinless chicken breast.  Once cooled, divide into freezer zip-lock bags.  Place flat in freezer.

Slow Cooker – Place thawed bone-in or boneless skinless breast in Slow Cooker until 2/3 full. Add water to cover, salt and pepper and 2 cans or 1 carton of chicken broth. Cook 7-8 hours on low. Once cooled, break chicken into pieces and divide into family sized servings in freezer zip-lock bags. Add a little broth to the chicken to prevent it from drying out. Flatten zip lock to allow excess air to escape. Place flat in the freezer.

Homemade Chicken Broth - Strain remainder of broth by placing a paper towel in colander and draining broth. Make sure to put a bowl under colander to catch the “strained” chicken broth. Divide into zip lock bags =2 cups of broth is 16 oz. (a little more than a can of broth) Flatten zip lock to allow excess air to escape.  Place flat in freezer.

Meal Ideas – Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Tacos, BBQ Chicken, Chicken and Rice, Fresh Spring Salad with Chicken, Chicken Noodle Soup, Stir Fry Chicken and Veggies, Chicken and Dumplings, various Chicken Casseroles

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