Saving Money At Home

At almost every workshop we are asked how to
save money on things for our homes.
Check out the websites below !

Receive 30 days of unlimited showroom access!
Buy Direct from Wholesalers (click image)

 • Browse the selection of over 700 trusted brand names
• See the confidential dealer prices on furniture, flooring, electronics, appliances & much more
• Start enjoying the savings of buying direct

We have friends that furnished their house with Direct Buy and saved thousands of dollars. This is a great resource if you are thinking about doing any purchasing for your home. We used to drive to NC to look at furniture prices, I think we’ll check this out.

Check this out (click image above)  if you are looking for new appliances.

  • Compare Prices See Ratings
  • Get Unbiased Reviews
  • Search for Parts for Appliances
  • We need a new water filter for our fridge and they are expensive.
    I’m going to browse around later tonight to see what I can find.

    Search for Anything!  * Home Decor’  * Outside Furniture  *Back to School Clothes  * and More

    Online Coupons, Discount Shopping, Special Coupon Codes and Web Specials
    Major discounts on things you need.  Online Coupons. Click Here

    We are finally putting the toddler bed away and for my 3 yr old.  It’s time for a Big Boy Bed.  I typed in Boy Comforter sets and found the ones above.  I am super excited, I only had time to check out two websites and the second one had a 20%off coupon code!  It pays to do look around a little bit.  It’s so nice to shop in my cool house on my comfy couch instead of driving around to different stores in the hot sun.

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