Saving at Big Lots | My Cereal and Clearance Finds this week!


Saving at Big Lots – My Cereal and Clearance Finds this week!

Jamie here, I LOVE going to Big Lots every once in awhile to scan the cereal aisle (you can usually find some great deals) and check out the clearance racks.  I don’t know about your store, but lately mine has had some crazy-good prices on crackers/snacks that are nearing their end date.

As some of you know, I lead youth group meetings at church and so any time I can get my hands on cheap snacks I stock up (50 hungry teenagers are NOT cheap!).  Here’s some of the goodies I found this week – and I’d love to hear what you are able to find at your store!

  • Cocoa Dyno-Bites 33.8 oz Bags – $2 ea (My kids LOVE these even more than Cocoa Pebbles!)
  • Wise Tortilla Chips – $.75 ea
  • Nabisco Honey Wheat Snack Sticks Honey – $.50 ea

But Big Lots doesn’t accept coupons, right?

Right!  As couponers, we can often get items cheaper than Big Lots, since Big Lots won’t accept coupons.  However – my “buy price” for a box of cereal is under $1.  A regular box of cereal can be as small as 12 oz.  To get 33.8 oz of cereal for $2 is the equivalent of getting a 12 oz box for about $.71, without having to clip a coupon.  That’s an awesome deal in my book!

Make deal-hunting easy on yourself by I figuring out your buy price for items you use all the time, and calculate out what the cost is per ounce.  That way you’ll know if you find an odd-sized deal whether it’s a really good deal or not!

Big Lots Buzz Club

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