Save Money on Gas at Walmart, CVS, Bi-Lo, & your Bank!

By: Deal Detective Kim

The rising cost of gas is hitting us all where it hurts–right in the wallet!  A recent news article said Chattanooga (which is usually well below the national average in gas prices) gas prices are rising faster than the national average right now.  With that in mind, your friends here at Time2$ave (as always!) have your back when it comes to finding the best bang for your buck.
Wal-Mart – $.10 Off/Gallon:
I (DealDetectiveKim) spotted a great deal at Wal-Mart the other day.  Through Sept. 1st, if you use a Wal-Mart card to buy your gas at the Murphy station in front of Wal-Mart, instead of the usual 3 cents per gallon discount, you get **10 cents** off!
Regions Bank – 5% Cash Back:
Then this morning, I spotted another deal for those of you not close to a Wal-Mart with a Murphy station.  If you have a Regions bank checking account AND you bank online, go to “view detail/register” and look for one of the orange offer buttons (mine posted 7/21) that says 5% cash back on gas.  Click on the offer to activate it (it will turn yellow) and use your Regions check card at the gas pumps.  This offer is good through August 28th, with a maximum cash back of $10 per account.
Bi-Lo – FuelPerks:
The Bi-Lo Fuel Perks program started up last week in the Chattanooga area.  Read this post that explains the Bi-Lo Fuelperks program - it can save you TONS of money on gas if you take advantage of lots of FuelPerks Deals.
CVS – Gas Card Promotion:
Each week CVS is offering a FREE $10 Gas Card w/ purchase of certain items.  See the CVS Gas Card Promotion explained in full HERE, and this week’s CVS deals HERE.
You always knew Time2$ave could help fill your belly, who knew we could help fill your gas tank for less as well?


  1. Stephanie says

    You can use the Fuelperks at Shell right? I got the gas card deal at Publix and bought a Shell plan is to use the gift cards I bought at 20% off to pay for the gas that I’m using the Fuelperks on. I’m hoping it works out the way I plan :)

  2. Roz says

    I started doing the BiLo gas perks and the CVS gas deal. I have combined them. I got gas yesterday for $1.65 off per gallon with my BiLo . I got 20 gallons worth. It was $3.53 a gallon before BiLo I paid $1.88 a gallon with my BiLo perks. It was $37.60 for 20 gallons of gas. I paid with 3 $10.00 Shell gas cards I got from CVS deals. I paid $7.60 out of my pocket. YAHHHH!

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