Save Money Grocery Shopping with Favado App (FREE for Android & iOS)


Good morning!  Today is an exciting day because it’s the very first day that you can access the brand-new Favado App!

This new savings app, which is FREE for Android and iOS, will let you access the same grocery and drugstore coupon matchups that we post here on Time2Save,while you’re out shopping!  For months now, we have been working behind the scenes with Favado and a team of other bloggers and store experts contributing our savings expertise, which is why today we are able to give you an exclusive link to sign up EARLY!

Sign Up TODAY with this Early Access Link!


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Head over HERE and register, create a Username & Password
  2. Look for a Confirmation Email
  3. Download the FREE Favado App via the Appstore or Google Play



The Favado App will look like this – you’ll add your favorite stores and be able to view the coupon matchups for them any time.



Make a shopping list on your phone while waiting in the car for the kids to get out of school, or while you’re on your lunch break – and then email it to yourself.  Once you’re home you can print the coupons straight from the links in your emailed list!

(I’m telling you now, I will use this all the time…. so easy)


.. favado-screenshot2


Another feature I really like – you’ll be able to pick your top stores that you like to shop at and compare prices on anything you need.  So for instance:

Let’s say I need cereal – based on all the stores I frequent, the Favado App will show me who’s running the best deal.  Bi-Lo?  CVS?  Walgreens?  Or maybe there’s a totally crazy deal going on at Dollar Tree that I never would’ve even thought to check!   This will save you lots of time.

You can watch a video about it below, but I suggest you sign up and check it out for yourself!



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