Save Money on Diapers | FREE Huggies at Rite-Aid (Starts Sunday 1/10)


UPDATE: This deal actually starts Sunday 1/10 – so sorry for the confusion!

Diapers are a HUGE drain on a family’s budget – and if you’re wondering how to save money on diapers, you’re definitely not alone!  Thankfully, various brands of diapers go on sale every few weeks (mostly at drugstores). If you hold out for a good sale, and use coupons to help save even more, you can easily cut your diaper spending in half.

Are you partial to name-brand diapers? That’s okay too! Huggies & Pampers put out the BEST diaper coupons and go on sale most often. We can often get Huggies or Pampers diapers for under $4 per jumbo pack!

See how to save money on diapers starting on 1/10:

Buy (4) Huggies Diapers Jumbo Pack $7.99 ea
Use (4) $2 off Huggies diapers, jumbo pk.+ PRINTABLE (you’ll need 2 computers)
Pay $23.96
Get back 1600 Plenti Points (1000 for buying $30 in Kimberly Clark products, and 300 per ever 2 packs of Huggies)
And get a $10 off your next purchase coupon for buying $30 Huggies

(Makes it all FREE!)



And if you’re a member of Amazon Mom (We love it) – you can get 20% OFF diaper subscriptions – making for incredible deals every week without leaving the house :)


How do you know what’s a good deal on diapers?

Diapers come in all different sized packages, which makes it confusing to know what’s a good deal.

Because of this, it’s best to price diapers by the diaper – not the package. So – have in your head what is a good price for you PER DIAPER.

As a general rule – I would say that Sizes 1-3 should be under $.20 each, and Sizes 4-6 around the $.20 – $.25 each range.


We usually refer to our goal price as our “Buy Price”. When diapers get down to your “Buy Price” go ahead and stock up for a few weeks. That way you can wait leisurely for the next big sale to come around without being worried about running low.

Buy Price = The price where you say “Awesome! I’ll buy LOTS of that!”




  1. Amanda says

    I couldn’t find data in Rite Aid’s circular for this deal today? I saw on another couponing site that a huggies deal would start next Sunday-was it really starting today? Also, I thought Pampers was P&G? Will the P&G points be awarded on Huggies, too? Thanks for your help :)

    • says

      Amanda – you are absolutely right, thank you for catching that it is indeed Sunday 1/10 when this starts, as opposed to this Sunday! I’ve updated the post, so sorry for the mixup! – jamie

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