How to Save Money on Candles | 5 Great Tricks!


I LOVE candles (and I know lots of you do as well!)  so today I’m sharing my top 5 Tips for how to save money on candles.

Living in a house with 5 smelly boys means I need some serious help in the odor department.  I’ll happily pony up a few bucks for a new candle if it means I can open the door with an “Ah” instead of an “Ugh”.  But the price of candles can be ridiculous!  You could wipe out the week’s grocery budget with just a few Yankee Candles – yikes!

Here are some great ways to save on candles:

  1. Pair coupons with a sale:
    For example, a BOGO sale on Glade Candles at Publix.   If you are patient and wait for a sale, then add coupons, you can get Glade, Airwick or Febreze Candles for just pennies!  Check our coupon database for Candle Coupons, and keep an eye on the Target, Publix and drugstore sales for the most frequent deals on candles.
  2. Yard Sales:
    Yard sales are a great place to pick up super-cheap candles (Read our 8 Yard Sale Shopping Tips!)  People are weird about smells – what one person thinks is too flowery, or makes them sneeze, might be your new favorite candle.  And because people don’t think of these candles as valuable after they’ve lit them once or twice, you can usually pick up nice (nearly new) Bath & Body Works candles for just $.25 – $.50!
    Sometimes I find candles where the wick is missing or is unlightable – those are extra cheap and perfect if you follow trick # 3….
  3. Invest in a Candle Warmer!
    Although I put this at Number 3, it’s really maybe my favorite tip. :)  I got this Mr. Coffee candle/coffee mug warmer years ago and it’s saved me so much money on candles!  You know how the last 1/6 th of a candle goes to waste because the wicks burn out?  That 1/6 th of a candle = about 3-7 Hours of burn time. (Based on the 25-45 hour White Barn Candle I have here)  Can you imagine tossing out a 7-Hour candle?  That’s the same as tossing out $5 or so!
    TIP: After you’ve warmed the smell out of the remaining wax, you can always rewarm it later to make Homemade Firestarters .
  4. Yankee Candle Coupons:
    Yankee Candles are my all-time favorite candles but GAH! – are they expensive if you don’t have a coupon!  Sign up for Yankee candle Coupons – every few weeks they seem to put out a Buy 2 Get 2 Free coupon, or a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon.  Another tip is that you can also use these coupons at places other than the Yankee Candle store – places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Staples, and more!
  5. Shop stores like Tuesday Morning, Home Goods, Ross, T.J. Maxx:
    Not to keep going on about Yankee candles…  but another place I like to hunt down a good Yankee deal is my local Tuesday Morning store (it’s a lot like a T.J. Maxx or a Ross).  You can usually find Yankee Candles for OVER 50% OFF there pretty much year round!

I hope you’ll be able to use some of these tips on how to save money on candles.  If you ask me, candles are just one of those comforting things in life that makes your home feel more cozy – and should NOT cost a fortune!

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