Save-A-Lot Coupon Book & Printables

I shop at Save-A-Lot pretty often, mostly because it’s really close to my house and I’m the forgetful sort – which means 10 minutes into dinner I recall that I didn’t buy ground beef for the chili.  Save-A-Lot here I come!  This week ground beef was on sale for $1.29/lb – and that’s just a flat-out good price.  Bananas are usually 33¢/lb.  Fresh Express Salad bags have been 50¢ for months now.  The produce deals there are just awesome.

I say all that so poor Save-A-Lot won’t feel bad when I say I also use them for their printable coupons.

Besides their simple set-up and dependable deals on staples, my other favorite part about Save-A-Lot is that they offer printable coupons on their website.  These are all store coupons, so I usually end up using them at Publix.

In addition to printables, they have a REALLY GOOD Proctor & Gamble coupon booklet that they’ll send you if you sign up HERE. 

The coupons in the booklet have a Save-A-Lot logo somewhere on them, but they’re all manufacturer coupons – so use them wherever they’ll work!

P.S. - Occasionally they even have good tearpads in there!  But shhhh, don’t tell, it’ll be our secret….

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