Save $1 on Glad Storage Bags ~Hot Printable Coupon!!

SAVE $1.00 on any box of GLAD® 2-in-1 bags


I haven’t seen a coupon for $1 off storage bags (or baggies as we call them) in a loooong time.  Maybe I’ve been too busy to notice, if so just ignore my ramblings.   At one time I had every size and shape imagineable –  sandwich, quart, quart for the freezer, Gallon, Gallon for the freezer, Gigantic, and everything in between.  However, it’s been slim “pickins” around here for a while, I must have missed  the last couple of sales cycles.  I’ve been buying them at the Dollar Tree.  Have ya’ll gotten any good deals on storage bags recently?

Let’s go find a great sale to use this coupon on!



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