Saturday Savings Report

Bi-lo has quite  a few great deals this week. i was excited to see the Nestle Hot cocoa on BOGO again as well as the BOGO smithfield ham steaks.I split my order into two transactions.

2 corn
2 green beans
4 Ocen Spray sparkling juice 4 packs
8 Ocean Spray juice
2 popsecret
8 community coffee
4 welch’s grape juice
10 Nestle hot cocoa
2 bread
4 taco seasoning
4 chili seasoning
1 croutons
4 texas pete hot sauce
2 tortilla chips
4 perdue chicken
2 6 pack coke
2 mccain fries
2 mayfield icecream
2 SH veggies
10 smithfield ham steak
1 chicken drumsticks
1 ground beef
3 cucumber
1 bag lemons
2 bag potatoes
2 salad
1 tomato
6 kleenex cool touch
4 12 pack nestea
1 pampers easy ups
6 carpet fresh
1 raid
1 foil
10 Fab detergent

Total spent:$140.70
Total saved: $314.34


To see the coupons I used on this trip or to see other trips, Please visit This Chattanooga Mommy Saves.

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