Sunday Savings Report: Publix & Bi-Lo @ 75% OFF

I’d like to introduce Jay. He’s a man. He coupons. And he and his buddies call themselves The Coupon Craftsmen... He’ll be doing the Saturday Savings Report for us for awhile – enjoy!

Hello all, Jay here from . Well, we went all out shopping today. The in-laws (more like outlaws) will be with us for a week before Christmas, and some family friends the week after Christmas, so we’re stocking up.

We made a trip to Publix and Bi-Lo. Total for the trip before savings… $400.69. Out of pocket cost… 180.88. For our family of five alone, this would be about a month of food.

Just a sampling of the goods we got…14 boxes of cereal, 18 boxes of various flavors of scalloped potatoes, a Turkey, 2 chickens, a large ham, lots of biscuits/cinnamon rolls/crescent rolls, canned goods, 2 qts of ice cream, 4 pizzas…. we had the car LOADED down.

Your Turn!

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  1. Deal Detective Kim says

    My office participates in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program every year. As we helped pack the boxes, a co-worker and I were talking about how, with a little planning, we could do so much more. We each resolved to set aside a small amount of money each month and buy bargains as we see them, which we can then put into the boxes.

    Rite Aid has huge amounts of clearance right now, and I’ve been finding deals like crazy. Yesterday, I found 7 jumpropes and 1 jacks & ball set, all clearanced to $.25. I bought them, in 2 transactions of 4 items, and used the Video Values $1/1 coupons to get them all for FREE. I have a box in my spare room that all accumulated toy bargains will go into, so that they can be easily located. I got so excited thinking of little girls playing with them, even though it will be a year before that happens.

    When the Back to School sales start, I’ll be gathering those free crayons to pair with dollar store coloring books. When I need filler at the drugstore, or have register rewards that are about to expire, I’ll consider adding a toy instead of something else I really don’t need. Just last week, I had a $4/20 coupon from CVS and $14 in ECBs. I bought 2 toys for a little boy on my list, then added 2 more small toys to add up to $20. I spent $3.32 out of pocket, and those 2 small toys started my stash! I was feeling kind of blah about Christmas, for no particular reason, because I love Christmas, and now I’m not only excited about this Christmas, I’m already excited about NEXT Christmas!

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