Saturday Savings Report: Chantal’s Bi-Lo trip

It’s been a productive week.  I had a leak  in my office so it’s been torn apart all week. Time without my computer has provided me with plenty of time to scout the store and do a lot of cleaning. Here’s my Bi-Lo trip this week :).


1 wisk
10 toothbrushes
8 mouthwash
1 toothpaste
1 kids toothpaste

Total spent:$2.91
Total saved:$69.33

We want to see your trips too, Make sure to share them with us by commenting.
To see the coupons used in this trip or for other shopping trips, Please visit  This Chattanooga Mommy Saves.


    • Chantal says

      there is a complete breakdown with all the coupons used on This Chattanooga Mommy Saves. If you click the link in the post, it will take you to it :)

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