Saturday Savings Report: Chantal’s Bi-lo Trip (1/18/12)

(Yes, that is my precious 3 year old trying to sneak off with her favorite yogurt LOL)  It was so refreshing to see this week’s Bi-lo ad. Many great deals but not as overwhelming as recent weeks.

14 Smartones
4 alexia fries
6 lunchables with fruit
2 birds eye veggies
4 Aunt Jemima waffles/pancakes
coles garlic bread
Nestle toll house cookie dough
8 yocrunch yogurt
white sauce


Total spent: $55.99
Total Saved: $111.69


Make sure to visit this week’s full Bi-Lo matchup.

To see the coupons used in this trip or for other trips, Feel free to Visit me over at  This Chattanooga Mommy Saves.


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