Saturday Savings Report: 11/13 (Paying Full Price)

Jay here, from New Crazy Deals, with your Saturday Savings Report. Today, instead of showing you what we perfectly organized couponers (like we all are) got this week, I’m going to speak of what happens when you’ve missed something.

It happens to the best of us, we let our stockpile run down and we’re out of something. What do we do now?  With how we now value a dollar after couponing, it’s hard to go pay full price for something we know we can get so much cheaper. This hit me this week as my wife dragged me into Dollar Tree to look at Christmas decorations. I walked by and saw this….

This whole rack of V05 and White Rain shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, along with some other “house” brands, were all only $1 per bottle. There were a lot of other great bargains for everyday items in the store. They may not be the top brands that we’ve gotten spoiled by with our couponing prowess, but they’re great for the price and will get you by until your brand goes on sale again. So next time you need that item, and don’t have a coupon, don’t forget to check out your local dollar stores.

Your Turn!

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