Santa Tracker & Reindeer Cam (Check them out, Super-Cute!)

If your kids are getting ants in the waiting around for Christmas – you can have a little fun with them by showing them these cute websites!

Visit the Santa Tracker to find out where Santa is on his journey.  There are 2 Santa Trackers to choose from this year – the NORAD Santa Tracker or the Google Santa Tracker.  The fun will start on Christmas Eve, as the tracking begins.  Google even boasts a preview of Santa’s “Dashboard” – which I assume is the technology Santa uses to complete his big mission.

The Google Santa Tracker has a few games available on the site as well as a free personalized message from Santa. You can set up the message with your child’s name, what they want for Christmas and more – and then let them listen to it.  One tip – I would definitely set it up while they’re out of the room, as it looks sort of suspicious that you’re telling Santa all these things he should already know. ;)

Another fun way to pass the time is to check in on what the Reindeer are up to!  Head over to ReindeerCam to see a couple of Santa’s team resting up for the big night, feeding or just meandering around their pen.

Although we’ll definitely be keeping Jesus as the focus of our Christmas, we like to have a little fun checking in what old St. Nick and his helpers are up to!

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