Rue La La: Possible $30 FREE Credit and FREE Shipping!!!

This is HOT late-breaking news – we’ve received messages from a few readers that are members at Rue La La, they received an email stating that they’d been given a $30 Free Credit in their account!! Others are getting $20 – $25 Credits, and some are getting FREE Shipping for 30 Days.

I’ve been a member for quite awhile and I didn’t have a free credit in my inbox – so it may just be a new member thing. I was, however, lucky enough to get an offer for FREE Shipping through the holidays!

The GREAT Thing about this credit is it can be used towards the $9.95 shipping – so pick a $20 item and get it shipped FREE!

No promises if you’ll get this – but heck that’s worth a try!  Sign up HERE to see if you get this credit or offer.


Besides high-end apparel and homegoods – Rue La La also has kids boutiques called “Little Rue” – right now there are several kids sales happening on Rue La La that contain gifts under $30!

Rue La La often has members-only Coach Sales as well.


Sign up HERE and please let us know if you end up getting a $30 Credit!


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