Road Trip!? Get Free Travel Maps & Guides!

ROAD TRIP!!!!  I can still remember yelling that back in college on a free weekend, and piling into my mustard yellow ’78 Buick Apollo with a few girlfriends.  The excitement is still there as I pile into the minivan with my family of 6, but I do like to plan a little better these days :)

Here’s a great freebie for anyone headed on a road trip, or maybe thinking of one for the future – FREE Travel Guides and Maps Galore!  GO HERE to sign up, choose a state, add it to your cart, checkout, and it will be sent to you for FREE!

If you’re looking for a last-minute summer travel fling on the cheap – sign up for TravelZoo RIGHT NOW.  I signed up for their weekly Top 20, cheap and awesome hotel/flight bargains.  This week, for instance, you can get last minute weekend airfare from $39!  Subscribe to the TravelZoo Vacation Newsletter so you don’t miss out on opportunities to get away!


  1. Deal Detective Kim says

    TIP: Most states have free highway maps at their Welcome Centers, usually from the state’s Department of Transportation. Whether you think you need it or not, stop and get one–but only during the daytime! Try to avoid unstaffed rest areas/welcome centers at night–they’re generally not safe, you’re better off going to a well-lit convenience store.

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