Rite Aid +Up Rewards Changes

Starting on 9/2 Rite Aid is changing how we will get and use our +Up Rewards.  Here is whats going to change:

  • +Up Rewards will no longer print at the bottom of your paper receipt they will load directly toward your Wellness + Card.
  • You will no longer be able to use +Up Rewards the day you earn them, they will be redeemable the next day.
  • You will be able to get a text each week with your +Up Reward deals ( I like this change)
  • You can opt out and still have your +Up Rewards on your receipts but still have to wait until the next day to use your +Ups.

To opt out either call 1-800-RITE-Aid or opt out at your store it will take 24 hrs to take effect.  What do you think about these changes?


  1. Marla says

    Sounds like Rite-Aid is trying to get rid of its customers. I don’t like the change of waiting till the next day to use your Up if you’ve already earned it. I will not be making an extra trip to spend them the next day or probably any day of the same week. I make one trip and that’s it; I will save gas too!

    As others have said, I’ll just shop Walgreens and CVS and stay out of Rite-Aid from now on.

    • Diane says

      Are they trying to lose business or is this just a bad business decision? I will not be coming back the next day to use the upr either. I can shop at CVS and Wags too. I totally agree about the gas use. Thanks to Rite Aid, America will be even MORE oil dependent on foreign countries. Thanks Rite Aid.


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