Rite-Aid: New $2 off $10 Coupon!

I’m not sure if your local Rite-Aids are looking a little… bare … lately as well – but many have recently become “Discount Rite-Aid’s”.  That means they’ve basically gotten a Redneck Remodel: high-end cosmetics and household doo-dads are out, replaced by a paltry array of cheaper items (like Covergirl).  However (and here’s where the redneck comes in) there are still around 8,000 varieties of chips, moon-pies, and 1-ply toilet paper to appease the masses.  (yay?)

While this means that we won’t be able to get some of the deals that the “ritzy” Rite-Aids carry (Like this week’s Nivea deal, in some areas) – there is an up side!

Behind the weekly sales ads – I found a booklet entitled “Meet Your Newly Designed Rite-Aid“.  On the back page is a $2 off $10 coupon for any Rite-Aid brand purchases.  This will come in handy when paired with some +UP Reward deals on things like toilet paper, facial tissue, etc… in the year to come!  These coupons don’t expire until DECEMBER of 2011 – so grab a few and hold onto them for a rainy day!


  1. grace says

    Although the Nivea was not advertised as $1 in the flyer, it is ringing up $1 with your card. The Hixon Rite Aid did have the signs though

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