Rite-Aid, CVS: $50 in Gift Cards w/New Prescriptions!

Reader Andie asked if there were any giftcards going on with new prescriptions right now – and I figure it’s a question lots of us have.  The answer is YES!

Rite-Aid actually has in their ad this week (2) coupons you can tear out for $25 Gift Card with any New/Transferred Prescription!

You can use these at Rite-Aid, or if your local CVS accepts competitor’s Pharmacy Coupons – you can take them there!

My husband and I don’t currently have insurance, so when he needs an inhaler refill, or we need a prescription filled – often the gift card offers mercifully cancel out the cost of the prescription.  In fact, once I brought in (2) prescriptions and (2) Rite-Aid Coupons.  I used a $25 Rite-Aid Q on the first one, got my $25 Gift card, then used THAT gift card to pay for my second prescription, while also getting a second gift card.  *Pharmacy rules may vary, some may not allow this.

My favorite CVS accepts these all the time – with no problems – and those gift cards can help to pay for things you need, like the $25 Charmin toilet paper/Kleenex Scenario in this week’s ad :)  (See Ad HERE)

Other stores that occasionally offer Giftcards:

Have you seen any other GiftCard w/Prescription offers lately?  Leave a comment!


    • Jamie says

      Angie – I found mine in the in-store ad for LAST WEEK. I hope I wasn’t confusing on that one. I still have mine, if you want me to send them to you!

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