Rite-Aid Clearance: 75% OFF Coffee, Candy & Gum, AirWick Candles and More!


Rite-Aid currently has 75% OFF Clearance on Coffee, AirWick, Candy, Gum & More!

I stopped by Rite-Aid last night to see if their Summer Clearance had gone down to 75% OFF yet (nope!) and found a clearance table containing Rite-Aid Pantry Coffee, Nestle Bars, Mentos & Stride Gum and some other grocery items I can’t recall.


The stickers were only marked 50% OFF, but when I went to the checkout with my coffee it rang 75% OFF for just $1.92!  In fact – all the items on the table were 75% OFF and just not marked yet.

When I checked out the Febreze Aisle (because I had some good coupons from this past week’s P&G insert!) I found the AirWick Candles 75% OFF.  There was a Lysol & Clorox item or two that was also 75% OFF, but I can’t remember what products they were.

And lastly – a friend told me her store had Febreze 75% OFF too, but I didn’t think to take it up and check at mine.(It wasn’t marked)

SO…  if you happen to be heading out near a Rite-Aid, coffee for $1.92 is not bad at all, and hopefully you’ll find even more good clearance deals!

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