Rite Aid Ad & Coupon Deals: 8/21-8/27

Here are the Rite Aid deals starting 8/21.  There are several really great deals this week, a few free items with out needing coupons (great for beginners!!).  I am excited to see free hand sanitizer, cheap Zicam and a pretty good deal on Zyrtec (yes allergy time is fast approaching).  Make sure to watch those August Video Values this week because this is the last week to watch them, but you can print them once you have watched them until the point that they have expired.  If you see a great deals at your Rite Aid leave a comment and pass on the info.


Rite-Aid Shoppingl Hints:

  • Get *NEWEST* Rite-Aid Video Values Coupons by watching very short videos HERE
  • Read our helpful Posts about Getting Rainchecks and Beating the Drugstore Rush!
  • MANY small-town Rite-Aids have a smaller ad than you see here.  Their “Small” ad excludes some of the deals you see here – so make sure to pick up the ad at your store and CHECK before you buy!

This List Has Expired
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Single Check Rebates
Other Good Deals

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