Rite Aid Ad & Coupon Deals 4/29-5/5

Here are the best Rite Aid deals for this week.  I have to admit I have not be super excited about Rite Aid in a while but I am just loving this week, it is stacked full of awesome deals and freebies.  My favorite deals are free Sucrets, free Airwick, lots of free & cheap candy and Carmex for just $.50.  If you find an awesome deal I missed let me know.

Rite-Aid Shoppingl Hints:

  • Get *NEWEST* Rite-Aid Video Values Coupons by watching very short videos HERE
  • Read our helpful Posts about Getting Rainchecks and Beating the Drugstore Rush!
  • MANY small-town Rite-Aids have a smaller ad than you see here.  Their “Small” ad excludes some of the deals you see here – so make sure to pick up the ad at your store and CHECK before you buy!

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