Rite Aid Ad & Coupon Deals 1/20-1/26

Rite Aid Here are the best Rite Aid deals.  There are tons of good deals this week including FREE Brut or Speed Stick deodorant, FREE Post Cereal, FREE Id Gum, cheap L’oreal Revitalift, Halls Cough Drops, cheap Finish Detergent and much more.


Rite-Aid Shoppingl Hints:

  • Get *NEWEST* Rite-Aid Video Values Coupons by watching very short videos HERE
  • Read our helpful Posts about Getting Rainchecks and Beating the Drugstore Rush!
  • MANY small-town Rite-Aids have a smaller ad than you see here.  Their “Small” ad excludes some of the deals you see here – so make sure to pick up the ad at your store and CHECK before you buy!

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  1. R Robinson says

    The posting about New skin or marine ear was not correct for rite aide.
    Went in on hwy 58, and I did not see sale sign. I purchased anyway because I needed it. It was not on sale or ups yielded. Thanks

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