RewardSurvey: FREE Subscription to Dwell, Vogue, Wired or Shape Magazine!

reward-vogue-wired Woohoo!! Snag a FREE Subscription to Dwell, Vogue, or Shape Magazine (as well as a handful of others) courtesy of RewardSurvey!  Just complete their short survey about hamburgers/hotdogs to get this nice freebie.

It was about 5 minutes long – and asked what kind of condiments I like, what fast food restaurants I usually get them at, stuff like that.  If you don’t eat hamburgers/hotdogs this survey will be even faster for you – since there’s an option for that on every question ;)  (You’ll just zip through them!)


At the end you’ll have earned $20 in Reward Points – enough for several choices of magazine subscriptions.  I got Wired magazine for my husband – but I was tempted to get Dwell for myself just to gaze at beautiful homes all day long….


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