Report Card Rewards: Great Freebies for Good Grades!

Report Cards Rewards & Freebies List

My kids brought home their report cards recently, and I’ve spent some serious man-hours researching the subject of report card rewards for me and you both!  We found some good report card rewards and freebies, and here is a list of CURRENT Nationwide programs, and a list at bottom of the places you can call in your area to inquire!



Bring in your all A’s and B’s report card and receive a FREE 8 pack nuggets! Call ahead to your location to see if they are participating



Family Video Free Rental:
If you have a child in grades K-12, Family Video is offering a FREE movie rental for every “A” (or equivalent). Click HERE for all the details.


Chuck E Cheese Tokens:
We always did this as kids, it’s the only way we ever got to go to Chuck E. Cheese!  Take in your report card (any type of grading system) and receive 3 token for every “A” equivalent, 2 for every “B”, 1 for every “C”.  There’s a 15 token limit per child, and you must make a food purchase.  My mom always sat at the table with 1 coke (which we shared) to count as our food purchase.  See?  I come by my cheapness honestly!


Krispy Kreme:
Get 1 Donut per “A”, up to 6 Donuts per student!!  Man, if you had 4 kids, you’d be bringing home 2 Dozen of these babies!  *Krispy Kreme is my absolute FAVORITE donut….



Cheryl’s Cookies

Get up to 3 FREE Cookies for A’s.




If your child has a straight “A” report card, he/she can receive a FREE Happy Meal. This may vary by location so call ahead first!

So Many More!
Sbarros, Wendy’s, Cold Stone Creamery, Applebees, Sonic and many other fast food & casual dining restaurants also offer report card/school behavior incentives.  However, they vary by location or franchise and are often only offered THROUGH the school.  In addition, local eateries and attractions (i.e. Bowling Lanes, arcades, comic shops, ice cream parlours, etc..) usually have their own homegrown reward programs!  Call around your area to see what kind of great freebies your kiddo can get for a job well done.

Know of any I missed?  Please leave a comment and share with us!

- Thanks to SavingDollarsAndSense!

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