Reminder: Get your FREE 1-Month Trial of Netflix (Have a Movie Night Tonight!)

We alerted you last week to the Netflix FREE 1-Month Trial - and how signing up for it means you can start RIGHT AWAY to watch movies/tv shows at home for FREE!  (That means you can have a movie night tonight, without going out to rent one!)  We received lots of comments about Netflix, and how readers use it as a cheap alternative to cable/dish – so we wanted to remind you again!

See our post with the details HERE – or check it out for yourself HERE

Check out what Time2Save readers had to say!

Lyndi - We only use Netflix and Hulu here in our house! At less than $15 a month for both options … it is much cheaper than cable. we stream via playstation network and get thousands of movies and shows. All primetime shows are available on Hulu after theu have aired on television, which is great! Anything I want to watch that I can not find on netflix or hulu, I stream via the internet. I find myself flipping through channels at my parents house, wondering why in the world they are paying over $100 a month for television when I have the same thing at home for 90% less!

Sylvia  - A benefit to us that no one has mentioned – NO COMMERCIALS on Netflix. Now I don’t mind sitting through a commercial, but my kids get all greedy and “I want that” when they see them…now they don’t buy into the spiel about a toy without seeing it.

Sandy LorraineLove Netflix. When the Flixster glitch happened I compared other options – Amazon, hulu, etc. and for me Netflix topped them all considering price and selection. Amazon prime does seem like a better price but the selection isn’t there yet.


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