REMINDER: Cortney Wheeler Photography Sessions (5 Slots Left!)

Just a reminder to anyone interested in the Cortney Wheeler Photography Sessions deal we talked about HERE  &  HERE – Cortney emailed me yesterday to let me know that although the slots were filled (as of last week) – there have been a few cancellations and a few session times have opened up!

Don’t delay – get in on this awesome deal so you’ll have some great family photos to use for all the FREE Christmas Photo Cards, FREE Photo Books, and plain old FREE PRINTS offers we’ll be updating you on!!


  1. Mandie says

    Hiya Jamie,
    I have called Courtney several times and left messages stating I would like to schedule a session with her. I have also emailed her with no response? Is there a reason why? I mean I know you prolly don’t know but I thought I’d throw it out there in case Courtney sees this.


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