Reminder: $39 Kindle 3G +WiFi | After $100 Credit


I wanted to remind you about the $14 Kindle Deal we talked about this week – it’s a limited-time offer, so if this has been on your Wish List for awhile, it might be the perfect time to get one!  Reader Tonia commented last night:

Waiting on my kindle to arrive!!!! Thanks, I have been wanting one for so long… purchased one about a month ago and got to feeling bad because I had spent so much money for it and took it back,lol. Thanks so much…

Main Points of the Deal:

1) Sign up for the Audible Listener Gold plan, which is $14.95/mo, and you’ll get 1 Audiobook of your choice per month for a year. (as well as some other perks)
2) Just for signing up, you’ll get a $100 Amazon credit to use on a Kindle, MP3 player, or iPod of your choice.
3) The Kindle with Free 3G + Wi-Fi is $139 = $39 after credit!
- The Kindle with WiFi is $114 = $14 after Credit!
- Apple, Android, and Garmin devices are also included in this promotion.
4) You MUST sign up for this specific Audible offer, and not the 30-Day Free Trial offer.

I will say, that although this deal is not for everyone – it is great for those who enjoy listening to books while on the go, working out, commuting to and from work, school, etc… – basically for all of us who love to read but are ashamed to admit that we haven’t finished a book in years.   Maybe I could even join a book club again with this deal …. ;)

- Thanks, ISaveAtoZ!


  1. Heather says

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get the code? I just signed up, was kind of shocked that it was still valid but it was. I’m kind of impatient, been waiting for about an hour for the code.

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