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Reminder: $39 Kindle 3G +WiFi | After $100 Credit


I wanted to remind you about the $14 Kindle Deal we talked about this week – it’s a limited-time offer, so if this has been on your Wish List for awhile, it might be the perfect time to get one!  Reader Tonia commented last night:

Waiting on my kindle to arrive!!!! Thanks, I have been wanting one for so long… purchased one about a month ago and got to feeling bad because I had spent so much money for it and took it back,lol. Thanks so much…

Main Points of the Deal:

1) Sign up for the Audible Listener Gold plan, which is $14.95/mo, and you’ll get 1 Audiobook of your choice per month for a year. (as well as some other perks)
2) Just for signing up, you’ll get a $100 Amazon credit to use on a Kindle, MP3 player, or iPod of your choice.
3) The Kindle with Free 3G + Wi-Fi is $139 = $39 after credit!
- The Kindle with WiFi is $114 = $14 after Credit!
- Apple, Android, and Garmin devices are also included in this promotion.
4) You MUST sign up for this specific Audible offer, and not the 30-Day Free Trial offer.

I will say, that although this deal is not for everyone – it is great for those who enjoy listening to books while on the go, working out, commuting to and from work, school, etc… – basically for all of us who love to read but are ashamed to admit that we haven’t finished a book in years.   Maybe I could even join a book club again with this deal …. ;)

- Thanks, ISaveAtoZ!


  1. Oh wait, now I see the answer. That’s OK though, maybe I’ll start to actually listen to books now.

  2. That’s a good question, Vickie. I’d like to know the answer to that one as well.

  3. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the code? I just signed up, was kind of shocked that it was still valid but it was. I’m kind of impatient, been waiting for about an hour for the code.

  4. Can the Audio membership be cancelled after the amazon purchase?

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