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Redbox: Up to $0.50 off with Movie Trivia Game!


Redbox has a new Movie Trivia game that can save you up to $0.50 off, and this is just in time considering they have raised their prices by $0.50 lately!

All you have to do is answer 5 questions, and for each question you answer correctly you receive $0.10 off. Here is where it gets even better, you will be allowed to use 3 “lifesavers”. The three “lifesavers” will be 50/50, extra five seconds, and skip. NOTE: The skip will replace the question with a new question. This is a great way to be able to have fun while saving money!

Go HERE to play the Redbox Movie Trivia.


  1. So far, when I have reserved my movies online they have still been $1.00 each. My husband says that will end, but not sure when.

  2. My code said it was good for 5 days….expires on 1/31/12….thanks for sharing

  3. The codes are only good for 48 hours. Also, when I pulled up the email on my phone it didn’t have the code and the amount was 10 cents less than what I should have had. Not sure if it was a glitch since I haven’t tried it again. The questions weren’t very hard and it was fun trying to beat the clock.

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