Redbox: Free Rental!


Make sure to  check out the redbox app on your smartphone! Right now you can earn a free rental code for having the app downloaded on your phone! Simply text the keyword below to get your free code! Once you have the code you can use it to reserve a free  movie through the app! * the code only works in the app.

iPhone Users-Text RBAPP to 727272

Android Users-Text RBPLAY to 727272


Plus, signed up for the Redbox Text Club  to get a free rental code via text  each month!



  1. Parker says

    I came by to thank you for all the great kiosk codes my daughters and I have been getting through your site! Normally my family gets our games and movies from Blockbuster @Home by DISH. This gives us streaming, movie channels, plus games and DVDs delivered to the house. One of my coworkers at DISH told me she switched to Blockbuster @Home and was paying less than half what she used to pay for Netflix and Gamefly, so I switched, and have started seeing the same savings!

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