Redbox: FREE Movie or Game Rental (New Text Code!)

I love to get free movie rentals from the Redbox, don’t you? You can check out 10 Redbox Free Rental Codes HERE!

But here’s a brand new one for those of you who’ve exhausted all the others – Text the code JUSTDANCE to 727272 to get a code for a FREE Movie or Game Rental at your local Redbox Kiosk!

*Code is valid until 12/31/12

For more great ways to get totally free movies in your home – check out our post HERE.


  1. Slevin says

    You know, as much as I used to hit up these kiosks for games and movies, I’ve been moving away from them lately. They used to be so convenient, and were such a good deal, but then one of my DISH coworkers and I signed up for Blockbuster @Home. With it, we get movie channels, streaming, and home delivery on movies and games. Best of all, it only costs a third of what I was paying for Netflix, and Gamefly, so the savings has been substantial.

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