Recyclebank “Green Your Vacation” = 120 New Points!


RecycleBank is offering new high-value coupons, and new ways to earn them – with the launch of “Green Your Vacation”! It starts today, and you can earn up to 70 points right away by following these steps:

  1. GO HERE to login to Recycle Bank
  2. Go the the Home Page and click the “Green Your Vacation” image
  3. Now click the Travel Tab (It’s the only one already unlocked) like shown below
  4. Click your mouse on the various planes, suitcases, boats, etc… to earn up to 70 Points!

SEE?  I even made you a little arrow!


Want 50 More Points?

You can get an EXTRA 50 Points by then heading over to the Aveeno Facebook Page and taking each of (3) Mini Pledges.

Now that you’ve got up to 120 extra points to spend – what coupons will you buy?  I like the Daily Deal Coupon – $2/2 Earthbound Farms Products (PRINT)!  Normally 70 Points, this great printable will cost just 45 today!

GO HERE to Get Started!

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