RecycleBank – 25 New Points for Pet Week!

Celebrate National Pet Week with this NEW Learn & Earn- worth 25 Points!

  • CLICK HERE and scroll down to take the Quiz.  You’ll earn 25 points to add to your growing total!
  • See how to get an addition 250 points by reading some of our previous Recycle Bank Posts HERE, HERE
  • The Rewards for Pet Week include some GREAT coupons – all at reduced prices.

For example:

  1. 2 FREE Cans Fancy Feast Delights Cat Food - 75 Pts 40 Pts
  2. 2 FREE Cans Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures - 75 Pts40 Pts
  3. Buy 2 Get 2 FREE Cans Alpo Dog Food - 75 Pts 40 Pts

Non-Pet Coupons I like…

  1. $5 off $25 at Fresh Market (Search in Chattanooga zipcode) - 50 Pts
  2. Staples $10 off $50 -  75 Pts30 Pts
  3. One FREE Bag of Everbody’s Nuts Pistachios – 200 Pts

and TONS more!!!


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