Recycle Bank: Get 65 New Points w/Beach Suitcase!

Recycle Bank has opened up a new tab for us – we can now click on the BEACH tab and get 65 Points!

What’s this about?  Recyclebank educates us about going green, rewarding us with “points”.  Redeem points for AWESOME coupons – available on their site!  (I.E. $2/1 Kashi product)

To get your points:

  1. Sign up/login to Recycle Bank
  2. Click on the “Green Your Vacation” image on the home page
  3. Click the BEACH tab, which opens this beachy suitcase
  4. Click on the items hovering around the suitcase to get up to 65 Points

Did you get your 70 points for clicking on items from the Travel Tab?  (If not – see this post here)

More Point Opportunities:


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