Recycle Bank: Earn 60 Points = FREE & High Value Coupons

Did you notice that has made some changes to its site.  It is a lot easier to navigate, find the information you need and simplier to find ways to earn points!  They even added a zip code bar to find coupons that pertain to your area.  And since they improved their site, they have 2 quizzes that were previously available for 30 points each are now available again!!  I went ahead and checked to make sure it worked and it did! 

If you are a Recycle Bank member then head on over here and take the Naked Juice Quiz & Miller Coors Quiz each at 30 points each.  To get these points, you can find these under the “Earn Points” tab.  Just scroll down and you should see both quizzes!  They also have other ways to earn points as well. 

  • If you’re a Naturemade fan, don’t forget that you can enter the 12 digit UPC codes found on the bottle for 10 points and enter them twice!!  There is a max of 5 codes entered per day
  • And if you didn’t know this, Kashi has now teamed up with Recycle Bank in its efforts to go green when you buy specially marked boxes found in Kashi Whole Wheat Biscuit Cereal(Island Vanilla, Cinnamon Harvest, or Autumn Wheat) for 15 points by entering code found inside boxes

 Turn these points into great high value or free coupons!  For just 25 Points you can request a coupon for - The Fresh Market - FREE Reusable Shopping Bag!

If you are not sure what Recycle Bank is, head on over here to get more info.  It’s a great way to live green & recycle and in doing so, earning rewards!!

Now for those of you that are in the Chattanooga & North Georgia area, Allied Waste Industries is part of this program.  They will provide you with a Recycling can and what items they will accept on top of the lid.  To learn more about it, go here.

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