Recycle Bank: 50 More Points!

Recycle Bank is at it with more points! Are you excited as I am???

You can gain 50 more points by completing Southeast Lockers  in Eco Academy. If you haven’t already done so,  make sure to hit the previous period tab to collect 50 points from Northwest lockers, 185 points from Home Economics,50 points from Northeast lockers, 195 Points from Lunch & Recess,  and 165 points from the Science Lab. The next class to open is Study Hall  on September 4th. Don’t worry we will remind you :)

Find many more ways to earn under the “Earn Points” Tab

What’s this about?  Recyclebank educates us about going green, rewarding us with “points”.  Redeem points for AWESOME coupons – available on their site!  (I.E. $2/1 Kashi product)

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