Recycle Bank: 25 New Points + Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday, Dove Coupons!

Recycle Bank has a new opportunity for you to earn 25 points – just GO HERE and take the Dove “Bathroom Quiz”!

It’s sponsored by Dove – and so they’ve added a few great Dove Coupons you can buy with your points:

If you haven’t joined Recycle Bank yet – it’s an awesome program geared at helping people go “green” with little educational quizzes, challenges, etc – all of which earn you points.  You can redeem the points for some really nice high-value coupons, some of which are printables, some of which will be mailed to you. GO HERE to read about how to earn around 200 more points!

My favorites this week though were the new restaurant coupons:

This would make it cheaper to take your mom out for Mother’s Day!


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