Reader Trip w/Photo! (75% Savings at Ingles & DG)

One of our readers, Beanbag08 (Let me know your name, and I’ll change it to that!) left a comment on the Ingles highlights – well, I wanted to share it with all of you!  It’s fun to see good trips people have had – and this was sure a good trip, seeing as she saved over 75%!

Ingles and Dollar General Trip in North Georgia:
Price before Sales and Coupons: 88.72
Paid: 21.36  (Way to GO!!)

6 Rayovac AA Batteries (4 ct)
4 Suddenly Salads
4 Cocoa Puffs – my son’s favorite
2 Duke Mayonnaise
2 TGIF Snacks
1 Egg Beaters
2 Digorno Pizza & Breadsticks
6 Suave Deoderant
4 Air Wick Spray
2 Oscar Meyer Premium Hot Dogs
2 Laura Lynn Eggs

Go HERE to see the Ingles Highlights!  Go HERE to see the Dollar General Highlights!


  1. beanbag08 says

    She's a man baby. :-)

    We live in Cleveland, I work in N. Georgia. I make trips to Krogers and Ingles for the wifey.

    You can call me Jon :-)

  2. Kelly and Kasey says

    That's awesome catgirl! I kept meaning to go back and stock up on the first aid stuff…. and I kept forgetting. Way to go! You should post that on the facebook page – we have a section on there for shopping trip pictures!

  3. Catgirl says

    I paid $1.61 for this at CVS and walked out with a $4.00 ECB reward! CVS paid ME to take this stuff home with me!!

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