Reader Tips! (Publix Trips & Chik-fil-A Master Plan)

Deal Detective Kim wrote in about her quick $.80 Publix trip:
Used Earth Fare free eggnog & lip balm
$1/2 Milky way PRINT (they were on clearance)
BOGO Planters Flavor Grove from Publix Yellow Adv. Flyer
$2.50/1 Planters Flavor Grove from CVS Magic Coupon Machine
$1/1 Gatorade Coupon from Blinkie Machine

Time2Give Team Member Heidi wrote in with a great Beginner Scenario for Publix!
2 – Planter’s Peanuts ($1.60) – FREE (you’ll actually “earn” $.41 off each one if your store allows it – mine does!)
1 – Reddi-wip ($3.89) for $1.89
1 -  Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa (BOGO $1.99) for FREE
12 – Mueller’s pasta – $.09 apiece
4 – Nabisco Ritz Crackers (BOGO $3.09) for $.49 apiece
2 – Breakstone’s Sour Cream ($1) for $.45 apiece
Grand total for these 22 items = About $4!

You’ll need all of the following:
(2) $1/1 Planters Printables HERE, (6) $1/2 Mueller’s Pasta Coupons HERE
(1) $2/2 Planters Products target Coupon HERE, (1) $1/2 Nabisco Ritz Coupon PRINT (IE) PRINT (FF)
(1) $1/2 Nabisco target Coupon HERE, (1) $.50/1 Reddi-Whip Coupon HERE
(1) $1/1 Reddi-Whip Food Lion Coupon HERE, (1) $1/1 Swiss Miss wyb Reddi-Whip from 12/12 SS
(2) $.55/1 Breakstones PRINT (IE) PRINT (FF)

From Reader, Ralenda
Chik-Fil-A Master Plan:$150 of food for $25

So I finally think I figured out a good deal at Chick-fil-A . So this assumes 2 things. 1st your Chick-fil-A is running the “buy $25 gift card get a calendar for free”. 2nd, your Chick-fil-A lets you use the coupons any month and as many at one time as you want. If you live in St. Aug the answer is yes to all these (LOVE THEM)

It normally costs our family over $20 to eat there, so I took our 1 meal budget and turned it into over $150. Here is how.

1. Go buy a $25 gift card and get 1 calendar for free
2. Now use the $25 GC to buy 4 more calendars @ $6 each
3. You now have 5 calendars for the price of one family meal out!
4. Cut out all the coupons right away and start using them. NOTE keep in your wallet or car otherwise you will never have them when you need them.
5. Donate the couponless calendars to a local school or daycare for teaching purposes.

*Each calendar has over $30 of free food = $150

The Math: $150 – $25.44 (you spent) = $124.56 savings this is why I LOVE Chick-fil-A. I am going to do this deal 3 times … sounds nuts but I bought only 6 last year and by summer time I was wishing I had 10 more. : )

Double check with manager on the coupon rules at your location. Make sure they let you use them any month not just the month the coupon states and see how many you can use each visit. Like I said St. Aug has it made on both of these. : )

Also if someone gives you (or your kid) a gift card to Chick-fil-A, don’t forget to use it buy calendars 1st. Happy times making your money go farther!!!!! Merry Christmas,  Ralenda Johnson


  1. Deal Detective Kim says

    There was one more coupon in my scenario–$1/1 Gatorade from Yellow Adv. Buy Flyer. Also, these purchases were made at the Hixson Publix. When I went to the one in E. Brainerd a couple of weeks ago, they took the Earth Fare coupon with no problem, but last night the cashier there told me “We don’t take Earth Fare coupons”. Sooooo I don’t know if it’s a new rule, maybe they were just getting too many Earth Fare freebie coupons at that location (since it’s so close) or what. So I guess YMMV!

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