Reader Tips: August 5th Edition

If you have reader tips, we LOVE to hear from you!  You can comment right on this post or shoot us an email and I’ll stick them in the next list!  We can’t promise to get to all of them in a timely manner, but we’ll sure try.  Thanks and enjoy!

  • Deal Detective Kim wants us to head over HERE to get our FREE sample of Post-It Notes!  She said you’ll get a $1/1 PDF Coupon at the end of submitting your sample!  (I think this will make them FREE at the Dollar Store)
  • Reader Jenn commented that the new Play-Doh coupon is a $2/1 Spin & Store – Get your Coupon HERE (Using code KDN185UV9JN34 to play the game)
  • Miss Lee wrote in to say that LandOMoms has a $1/1 Lunchmeat Coupon on their site – and if you enter the code that comes in your LandOFrost lunchmeat – you can enter a contest thru Sept. 27th!!
  • Amber says that Belk’s & Kohl’s are having MEGA Clearance Sales (Around 90% Off some items)!  It’s worth a stroll through the mall for sure!
  • Kim wanted to remind everyone that today is Election Day.  Remember that Freedom isn’t free – many others paid the price for us.  Celebrate your right to get out and vote!
  • Go HERE to get a FREE Sample of Black Chai Tea!  – Thanks to Kai!
  • Teri wanted to recommend to keep track of your spending (We couponers love to do that!)  See her comment and an explanation of how to use the free Mint Software HERE!

  • Lastly – Kim wanted to remind us of one more thing: This weekend is Tennessee Tax Free Weekend! If you have to buy computers, tons of clothes, etc… – it’s a great time to do so!


  1. Kim says

    I found the Post-Its (coupon is for the *new* Super-Sticky variety) for $1 at K-Mart, making them FREE! I haven’t checked anywhere else yet.

  2. Paige says

    A splurge that’s worth it…
    Today is Miracle Blizzard Day at DQ. Each blizzard purchased = $1 donated to Children’s Miracle Network.

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