Quick Giveaway: $25 Kroger Giftcard!

Okay guys – this is a quickie – you have 3 days to shop and submit your photo to get in on this contest!

Kroger Family of Stores are having an “Add Up the Savings” Event that’s got us all excited over here -

Buy 8 General Mills/Kimberly Clark Products ~ Get $4 Instant Savings

This week it’s making for nearly free Progresso Soup & Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks!  If you have been living in a cave, just check out this week’s Kroger deals HERE to see what I mean.

As if they weren’t being generous enough by practically giving groceries away for the next couple weeks – Kroger, General Mills, & Kimberly Clark have teamed up with MyBlogSpark to ACTUALLY give away groceries!   They’d like to give one Time2Save reader a $25 Kroger Gift Card to go on a little shopping spree!

How to Win:

Required Entry:

Okay – I’m excited about this one:  We want you to go Krogering (or shop at another Kroger Family Store).  Then come back and tell us how you did in the comments (I love to hear your “Before & After” totals!)   It can even be a receipt from last week..   (But wait!  There’s more!)

*Bonus Entries (Leave separate comments to let us know you’ve done each of these):

  1. Take a picture of your shopping trip and post it on the Time2Save Facebook Page with your total!
  2. Re-Post the picture + $$ Total on YOUR Facebook Wall, and include this link: http://tinyurl.com/Time2SaveGiveaway
  3. Subscribe to Time2Save by Email or Feedreader (Look in Sidebar under “Subscribe & Follow”)
  4. “Like” the Time2Save Facebook Page – if you don’t already!

Random Winner Chosen August 15th!


  1. Wenona says

    I resubscribed to email, thought I had once b4 but haven’t received anything except the personal exchanged last year. Thanks

  2. says

    I went Krogering and spent 87.00 and saved 129.00! The enitre back of my mini van was full! Plan on going to Kroger again since theya re running the mega event again!

  3. says

    I went to Kroger and got 12 boxes of cereal, two boxes of fruit snacks, Yoplait yogurt, and some other essentials for about $12.00. WOW, I am so thankful for all your posts! They are so inspiring, and they equip me to go forth and save (and donate)!

  4. Ashley says

    I went Krogering tonight and reduced my total from $146.14 to $77.66 for a total of 66 items which included a few things I did not have coupons for like sippie cups and bottle nipples. A few of my e-coupons did not take but I was pleased overall since I pretty much cut my total in half! Thank you guys for all your help saving my family money!

  5. Julie Feltman says

    Picture and totals with link are posted on my FB page! Hope to surprise my friends and get them motivated!

  6. Julie Feltman says

    Shopped at Kroger today! Full Price: $169.46; Final OOP: $76.56! 57% savings!!! Can’t wait to take your classes and learn how to save even more! Thanks!!!

  7. Bessie says

    Last week on one of my Kroger trips, I purchased 11 Suave deodorants @1.00 each. I got an additional 5% senior discount, used 11 .50 coupons which were doubled, so I only paid tax!

  8. Erin Y says

    Today I went to Kroger and got all kinds of groceries- 6 boxes fruit rollups, 5 kraft cheese products, 2 tubs cat litter, variety pack of frito lay chips, 12 rolls toilet paper, 2 cans pillsbury cinnamon rolls, 2 california pizza kitchen pizzas, 6 boxes hamburger helper, 3 jars salsa, freezer bags, 2 boxes toaster streudels, chex mix, 6 4-pks pudding, 2 loaves bread, cucumbers, squash, 18 ct eggs. Total value = $98.12…. After coupons/savings total paid = $51.97. I’m a newbie so I felt great about today’s savings!!!!

  9. says

    i went Krogering and had the time of my life. Wahoo. I spent $15.27 out of pocket and saved $105.92. In addition I earned 87 fuel points, which put me over the 100 points needed for a 10 cent off fill up of gas.. I did not take a picture because I just found out about the contest. Some items included: Milk, 4 frozen pizzas, 3 soap, 3 coffee creamers, shampoos, 7 toothpaste, 3 Steamer Veges, 1 Downy, 2 Ivory Body Wash, 6 Gillette Body Wash, 2 Old Spice Body Wash, 5 Suave Deo, 2 Red Zone Deo, 4 Lady Speed stick deo, Charmin Mega pack, Bounty Paper Towels, 4 Pasta, 3 Suddenly Salad, 3 Tuna, Muffins, Bananas, 10 Gatorade, and other miscellaneous items. I saved $3.44 just for asking for the senior discount…. Had so much fun. Filled the back of my car up with all the groceries. Almost had to get a second shopping cart..

  10. Marie says

    I bought 10 Sobe waters, 3 Sunny Delights, gallon of milk, Schick Hydro Razor, Kroger brand oreos, 3 big bag of M&M’s, 2 Quaker Quakes, an OM Lunchable, and some Mueller pasta. Total before q’s – $53.87. Total paid = $1.61. Yes, that’s right. $1.61. I think I am going to frame this reciept. :-)

  11. lela clingan says

    went couponing this morning, purchased 8 jars Ragu spagetti sauce,2 loaves bread,2 boxes popcorn,12 bottles powerade,3 cans campbells soup,i dozen eggs,4 Herseys chocolate milk..all for grand total of $5.93 whoo hoo, high steped it all the way to the car.

  12. Diane says

    I started with 12 jars of peter pan….then bought 40 coupons from ebay….I gave 20 coupons to my friend…who is also a coupon queen…though not quite as fanaatical as me…LOL. I ended up with 32 jars os peter pan….I have given some away to family and some for my stockpile. I also purchased on the same day…but different store (Publix) 15 cans of chef boyardee pasta…makes it totally free with overage with the target coupon and the small can (I have several computers at the house so I can print many). My stockpile is so big right now that I had to clean out the walk in closet in the spare bedroom….I have only been at this for 3 months now. I LOVE it….and my husband is even hooked with me.

  13. angie leggett says

    A few weeks ago my son and his girl friend were headed to Dublin. so I worked up a list and sent them a shopping. I did several different seneraios of the 10/10. Since I wasn’t going, I wanted them to have several options, in case the store was out of something. They came back w/ 7 tootbrushes and 3 toothpaste for only 1.87 cent. Needless to say they were impressed. What a diffrence that ability would have made in my life IF only I had of started couponing in my 20′s. It’s so helpful that you guys are willing to share this information with us! Thank YOU!

  14. Annaleigh U. says

    I went into Kroger with a $25 credit on my Plus card from transferring a prescription and spend 21.83 out of pocket. I also came out with a 3.50 off your next purchase coupon. I got 5 boxes of sweet and salty granola bars, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 purex laundry detergent, an oxy clean max force stick, chocolate milk, 2 bags of chex mix, one warm delight, a philsbury sweet savorings, a tub of yogurt, string cheese, individually wrapped cheese, 3 packs of fruit cups with four to a pack, salad, and many more items! My total percent saved was 82%!

  15. Mari says

    I bought eight jello pudding snacks. The original cost of the pudding snacks was $2.48. When I bought 8, $4 was taken off the total. So each cost $1.98.
    I also used a .50 off coupon.

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