Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas: Week 2 – Focus on Giving

We have combined all the printable pages of our “Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Planner” into a handy-dandy Ebook! Simply click the link after this post to download and print your Christmas Planner.

Week 2: A Time 2 Save and a Time 2 Give….

As the holidays approach (41 days and counting!) most of us have at least started our Christmas shopping, while a select lucky few have it completed. I am not one of those few. But! I have started working on making my list….and checking it twice.

Now, we all know that lists are hard for me. They make me itch. But, it is a necessary evil, and one that I am starting to embrace ever so slightly. And making this list is helping me to focus on an area that is very important to me, yet often overlooked.


Not just giving to those that I love, but giving to those who I don’t even know. When we teach a workshop, we always encourage everyone present to become purposeful in giving. This includes making their children a part of that process, and there is no better time to start than right now. After all, giving starts as an activity, grows into a habit and eventually becomes a way of life.

So, before we overwhelm ourselves with the dates and details of the holiday season, lets take time this week to outline what we plan to buy, and where we plan to give. Doing so will allow us to be purposeful with our actions and peaceful in the midst of the chaos of others.

Tasks to Tackle:

  • Make that Christmas List!

Now, this might not be the week where you make final gift choices for each and every person on your list, but just making the list will be a step in the right direction. If you know each person that you would like to buy for, then you will have the names in your head when just the right item falls into your lap. (Why yes…I do believe that Grandma would LOVE a leopard print Snuggie! Check!)

  • Outline Opportunities to Give

As you are making your list, also include opportunities for giving. By including these behaviors in your plan from the start, you set yourself up for success.

  • Get the Kids Involved

If we want our children to be open and giving people, then we must first model that behavior ourselves. That is why it is so important to involve your children in the giving process no matter what form it takes. Let them take part in your decisions, such as choosing the angel from the tree or going with you to drop off gifts, food or other donations.

Christmas Planner /Printable E-Book:


1. Tis The Season: Set Your Christmas Goals

2. Time2Give: Set Goals for Family Giving and Time2Give:  for the Kids

3. The Christmas Budget: Page 1 &  Page2
4. Christmas Card List
5. Christmas  Season Mini Calendar

  • October
  • November
  • December

6. Gift Ideas Planner, divided into 3 Pages:

  • Gift Planner – Immediate Family
  • Gift Planner – Extended Family
  • Gift Planner -  Misc.

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