Publix: Policy Changes Are Comining….

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up (In case you missed the helpful comments left by some) – Starting as early as TOMORROW, there are some Publix stores that will be altering their competitor Coupon Policy to be a bit more strict:

  • Some stores will be limiting competitor coupons to *3* major competitors  (Harvey’s won’t be among them)
  • Some stores will stop accepting competitor coupons on store brands, which normally would be substituted with Publix brands.

We have heard from folks who shop at these stores: – Bass Road Store in Macon GA,  Hwy 96 Store in Kathleen GA, and Houston CO Stores in Middle GA.  If YOUR store has signs posted about change – or if you have heard details – please weigh in in the comment section so we can all be better informed when we plan our trips this week!


  1. april albritton says

    The new rules stink. I also shop the perry publix and agree that they aren’t very friendly to couponers.

  2. Jackie says

    I shop at Publix in Perry and we are not feeling the love from them toward couponers lately. In addition to those rules above, we’ve also been told they will not honor any on-line coupons for free items (specifically the free Oreos with purchase of milk). I also was told I could only use four coupons on Powerade, even though it was not on sale (I had ten).

  3. AnnJeanette says

    I attended a coupon meeting at a Middle GA Publix class put on by the Manager. She statedthe rules will affect the Russell Pkwy, Perry, 96, and the new one being built on Watson Blvd. Here are the new coupon rules:

    1. We will be limited to using up to 4 coupons on a single sale items. This is because she stated sometimes one person would come in with 20 coupons on a sale item and clean them out. Unlimited coupons on can be used on items that are not on sale. Also limit of 4 on all BOGO’s.

    2. You will not be able to use CVS $3 off $15 OR Walgreens coupons that state $10 off your next purchase. They were previously taking them.

    3. Stacking will still be allowed.

    4. They will take competetors coupons from Target, Kroger, Winn Dixie,Food Lion, and Commisary Military Only coupons.

    5. They will not be taking coupons from Harvey’s Dollar General or Family Dollar.

    6. They will take drug store coupons that are money off an item.

    7. They will double up to 50 cents.

    8. They will only give rainchecks on Yellow Flyer items.

    They stated this would go into effect on June 16th. The manager stated the rules will be posted somewhere in the front of the store, when asked if they would hand out flyers or a sheet with the rules on for us to keep, she stated that Corporate would not allow that. She also stated as these changes are implemented they were subject to change. She also stated that the cashiers were all going to be trained on these new rules as well.

    Hope this helps Middle GA shoppers!

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